Easy Adjust Frameless Glass


The glazing industry works to a prescribed acceptable visual quality standard for installed glazing. This means that certain minor imperfections are acceptable.

Toughened Glass

Toughened & Laminated Glass

An easy to understand guide as to what the permissible industry standards are for toughened and laminated glass.

White Metal Toughened & Laminated Glass Tolerances

Unique shaped glass down stairs

Creating a Glass Template

Templates are often an easier option when creating bespoke shaped panels of glass. See the easy guide below.

Guide to Creating a Glass Template

News Articles

Here at White Metal we like to keep up to date with changes in standards and ideas within the glazing industry.

Glass Industry Visual Standards

Tolerances for Toughened & Laminated Glass

11 Handy Tips for Measuring For Glass

Glass & Glazing Federation

The Glass & Glazing Federation regulate the acceptable standards within the industry, and is main representative organisation for companies involved in all aspects of the manufacture of flat glass and products and services for all types of glazing.

GGF Glass Loading Data Sheet 

GGF Standard for Toughened Glass