The gnarly parts
of balustrading sorted.
The complexities of getting a balustrade to fit & look good on site can make your eyeballs rattle.
Been there? Got the battle scars?

White Glove Assembly Service

In addition to the standard posts we offer a full in-house balustrade fabrication and assembly service, enabling us to supply bespoke or non-standard stainless steel balustrade systems to your drawings, sketches or verbal requirements. Taking you from sketch to delivery!

From concept to completion, our on-hand technicians are happy to assist with free advice and help throughout.

4 Reasons to use our White Glove Service

Tubes and handrails cut to length and perfectly deburred

All tubes including glass capping rails and channel can be supplied cut to length, all individually wrapped and labelled.

Custom balustrade post manufacture & assembly 

Stainless Steel balustrade posts supplied pre-assembled to your specific sizes and requirements.

Aluminium frameless glass base channels cut to length or mitred

Base shoes and channels cut to your specific site sizes.


CNC tube bending and handrail fabrication 

Tubular handrails machine bent to suit your staircases allowing sweeping seamless handrails

Seamless welded joints or mitres

Joints mitred to suit any angle, welded and re-polished for a professional seamless finish

Initial Sketch

An initial sketch doesn’t need to be complicated or drawn to scale! Our technical team are expert at interpreting even the most obscure of drawings and turning them into the perfect balustrade.

It doesn’t even have to be a drawing. Have the measurements but not the time to draw it out? Give us a call and we can take the measurements over the phone, and draw it out for you!

Accurate Drawings

We take your sketches and/or measurements, and can draw up accurate and detailed drawings. We always make sure your project has been signed off by you before we proceed to manufacture. This means that you have control over your project.

Have another idea after you sent in the enquiry? Our team are happy to accommodate last minute ideas and changes, and are always on hand for advice when you need.

We provide a quote

We’ll provide an itemised, easy to understand quote as quickly as possible. Our quotes can look like a list of ‘ingredients’, as they itemise everything we’ve included in the quote. The manufacture element of the balustrade is also easy to pick out and understand.

We can also include any fixings and tools that you will need to complete the installation. This is to make life easy for you! You don’t have to go anywhere else for extras on the balustrade. Everything you will need, arrives ready to install.

The Results