Hidden Adjuster – 316g

316 Grade


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  • 900
  • 900

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900.461.042.003 41mm Long, For 3mm Cable
900.461.042.004 41mm Long, For 4mm Cable
900.461.042.005 41mm Long, For 5mm Cable
900.461.050.003 50mm Long, For 3mm Cable
900.461.050.004 50mm Long, For 4mm Cable
900.461.050.005 50mm Long, For 5mm Cable
900.461.050.006 50mm Long, For 6mm Cable
900.461.061.003 61mm Long, For 3mm Cable
900.461.061.004 61mm Long, For 4mm Cable
900.461.061.005 61mm Long, For 5mm Cable
900.461.061.006 61mm Long, For 6mm Cable
900.461.083.003 83mm Long, For 3mm Cable
900.461.083.004 83mm Long, For 4mm Cable
900.461.083.005 83mm Long, For 5mm Cable