White Glove Assembly Service


To compliment our superior range of balustrade and railing components, White Metal offer to assist our clients by managing key elements of their supply chain and manufacture on their projects.

This is particularly appreciated by glaziers, carpenters, joiners and smaller fabricators or those whose workshop facilities are centred around a different primary product.

With the offer of different levels of fabrication, from our ‘Essentials Service’ through to our prestigious ‘White Glove Service’, we are confident we can offer a solution to meet your requirement within your budget.


Bespoke Balustrade Post Manufacture

We can cut, weld, drill, tap and assemble posts to your requirements, please contact a member of staff for more details.

CNC Tube Bending & Rolling

We offer an in house tube bending and forming service for that seamless look.

TIG Welding of Stainless Steel

We can supply custom balustrade posts with the base plate pre-welded.

Tube Cutting & Deburring

All our tubing can be supplied cut, deburred, labelled and packaged as per your cutting lists, for that perfect cut every time.

Full In House Tube Finishing Facilities

All our tubing is refinished in house, after being worked on to ensure a perfect finish.

Aluminium Base Shoe Cutting

Our Aluminium Base shoes can be supplied cut or mitred to your required lengths.

“We have invested heavily in state of the art tube manipulation and fabrication machinery. Due to the volume of work we undertake daily we can often produce bespoke assembled balustrade systems quicker and cheaper than our customers can in-house, as their facilities may be centred around a different primary product.”

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