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Protective Glass Screens

We recently supplied a local builders merchant with post and glass protective screens to replace the flimsy plastic screen that they originally had. The measures relating to Covid-19 are here to stay for the foreseeable, and its becoming clear that in many situations, more long-term solutions are needed. Our post and glass screens are discreet and professional, and are easy to retrofit onto desks. A bonus of having a proper physical barrier is that staff working behind the trade counter don’t have to wear a face mask. This is providing that businesses have taken the necessary steps in line with Health and Safety Executive guidance for COVID-19 secure workplaces.

All our posts are manufactured in house, so can accommodate any bespoke heights, clamp positions and designs. The glass is also manufactured to order to suit your exact requirements. In this project, the two panels of glass across the middle of the counter are shorter, allowing enough space to pass goods underneath when required.


Our screens are manufactured to suit your exact requirements

Another shining example of the fact that: Our products are not just part numbers!

They are quality solutions designed by caring technicians with on-site experience and technical knowledge.