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Stainless Steel Stair Handrails

Stainless steel handrails are a brilliant choice for stairwells in public buildings. It’s hardwearing and long-lasting – a vital point to consider in areas of heavy use. Public places, such as this leisure centre, are subject to building regulations, of which there are several relating to handrails. Click below for a brief overview of handrail regulations or a deep dive into each different Building Regulation.

BS8300 states that stairways wider than 2 metres must have a handrail on both sides for access. Handrails also need be continuous around all intermediate landings, and bespoke brackets were fabricated for continuity throughout the whole project. Where the handrail finishes on the walls, the handrail curves downwards, to comply with BS8300. Handrails should be terminated in a way that will reduce the risk of clothing being caught. Apart from anything else, it also just makes the handrails nicer to use.

Fully welded mitred stainless steel handrails look amazing, and really are the perfect finishing touch to these stairwells. Exact dimensions do need to be known for the manufacture of these handrails, as there’s not a lot of installation tolerance. All drilling and tapping for the handrail brackets are generally done onsite, to so that there is maximum installation tolerance. If the handrails are drilled and tapped offsite, then every bracket must be fixed in the exact place, when in reality, no installation is that millimetre perfect.

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