Square Posts

Square posts can be used in almost every application that standard round posts can be. Whether to go for square posts or round posts is a decision based completely on aesthetics. With our White Glove Service, we can fabricate your balustrade to order. Everything can be delivered to site ready to install.

Square posts are typically more expensive than round posts, simply due to the extra fabrication required. All our posts are fully re-polished to match the polish of the components, and this is naturally more difficult with square posts. However, the end results of square posts are amazing, as this project proves.

This project is an outdoor balcony, so 316 grade stainless steel was needed. As it wasn’t in a coastal area, a brushed satin finish was perfectly adequate. In keeping with the minimalist and industrial vibe, the posts have been side-mounted with our unique side mounting system. These offer a strong and discreet fixing, and there are no large fixings to contend with. If there is limited fixing points, tensioners and spacers can be a good option. One limitation of this system however is evident in the corners. As they can’t be made to fit a corner, 2 posts (either side of the corner) will need to be used. In some situations, this is great, and in others a different fixing option has to be found.

The strength of the side mount fixings comes from the vertical distance between the fixings on each post. For a quick rule of thumb, the further apart the fixings are, the stronger the post will be. Click here to view the test data on this system.

Have any questions about the side mount tensioner system? Give us a call and our technical team will be happy to chat with you.

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Side mount tensioners can be customised to suit your requirements

Another shining example of the fact that: Our products are not just part numbers!

They are quality solutions designed by caring technicians with on-site experience and technical knowledge.