This project shows a stunning balustrade installed at a waterfront property on the Norfolk Broads. The client chose a glass balustrade to enable a clear view out across the water and to be able to see any children that are playing in the garden easily. Glass balustrades are an excellent choice when you still need to be able to see easily across a space, whether that’s to admire the view or to keep an eye on the kids. This waterfront garden’s posts and glass system look lovely and perfectly blend in with the patio.

The post and glass system is often the most cost-effective system you can use in a project. 10mm toughened glass is usually adequate in most situations, saving the costs of thicker and laminated glass. 10mm glass is one of the most common thicknesses used in balustrading, so it is a size we shift a lot of. Supplying such large quantities means we can be very competitive in this glass size. A lot of customers often assume that the cable railing system will be the cheapest, as glass is often perceived as the expensive option. However, most of the cost of a cable railing system is in the fittings, with the cable itself being very cheap. Every change of direction and extra wire dramatically increases a cable system’s cost.

In this project, the balustrade was top-mounted onto the coping stones. Knowing the substrate’s makeup beneath the coping stones is essential if you are fixing onto them. This prevents surprises onsite that can waste the fitters’ time and essentially cost you more money. We can supply all the necessary fixings you need—just let us know what your substrate is, and we can work out the rest! Saving you time and money, a balustrade in a box delivered to site ready for quick and easy installation.


We can supply all the fixings, drills, taps, glues etc that you will need for the installation

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