Powder-coated Juliet Balcony

All the posts and handrail in the project were supplied ready to install in satin stainless steel, to be powder-coated by the installer. The RAL9005 black finish and square clamps perfectly matches the minimalist design of the house. Due to the width of the opening, side-mount posts were needed to give the Juliet balcony enough strength. The handrail is also anchored to the wall, strengthening the balcony further. All of our clamps are supplied with safety pins and gaskets as standard, and in an installation like this we recommend using at least 2 safety pins per panel. They prevent the glass from falling if it does slip in the clamps, so that the edge is still protected. All of the safety pins can be used, but this drastically reduces the installation tolerance, and isn’t structurally necessary.

As all our posts and glass is manufactured to order, your balustrade is designed to suit your exact requirements. In this project it was important that the posts lined up with the door frames, to minimise disruptions to the view.

It is important to consider the balustrading when planning for a large 1st floor opening. We don’t normally recommend having single panels of glass larger than 2000mm wide. Even though the opening in this project was in excess of 4000mm, there was still sufficient fixing points below the window sill. The size of the opening can sometimes dictate the style of Juliet balcony needed. For example, at 4000mm, this opening was much too wide for a single panel of glass to be fixed with stand-off fittings.

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Our posts are supplied fully assembled and ready for easy installation

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