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Whilst many handrails are on top of the glass and/or posts, they can also be off-set. In this project the handrails are just down the steps and ramp, leaving the front of the balustrade without a handrail. The handrails are offset using our Quickcode 450 brackets. The same style handrail bracket can be fixed into glass, posts or walls, making it a great option when there are several different handrail elements in a project.

This project was designed with ease of access front and centre. The handrails are offset and slightly lower than the 1100mm high balustrade, specifically for ease of use. This is referenced in BS8300, as handrails should be between 900mm and 1000mm above pitch line or above the ramp. Also, the soft rounded ends of the handrails make it nicer to use, especially for older people or young children. This is also to comply with regulations, as ends must be finished in a way to minimise the risk of clothing being caught.

As all our balustrade systems are fabricate to order, so the balustrade can be designed to suit specific requirements. In this balustrade the glass panels down the steps are ramp are shaped to suit the exact angle. Provided a few dimensions are known, we can work out all your glass sizes! Especially when supplying the posts as well, we work out all the necessary sizes to ensure that all the panels of glass are equal size. Having equal sized panels is a very small detail, but makes a huge difference to the overall look of the completed balustrade.

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