Uninterrupted Views!

Structural Glass Balustrades are chosen for their minimalism and visual subtlety.

Our structural glass system combines stunning modern looks with proven strength and safety to give a clean, simple and subtle look to any contemporary project. Its uncluttered lines generate an open, spacious tone and a strong sense of simplicity and harmony.

Easy to Install

The installers at a well-established glazing company covering Norfolk and Suffolk immediately pricked up their ears when we introduced them to our structural glass system.

They had previously extensively used a competitor’s wedge system and had “never got on with it”. The main issues they experienced with the competitions system was that the glass was very difficult to align and that “never mind how hard you hammered the wedges” the glass still flexed considerably once the installation was complete.

The preformed cladding corners are designed to sit over the cladding so they cover any onsite cuts that may be required.

Having switched to our channel the installation team especially called in to our Lowestoft office to thank the team for the fantastic product:

“It was so easy to install, and the glass is perfectly aligned!”

“It is very strong, the glass doesn’t flex at all, so much better than what we were used too.”


We can cut the base channel and handrails to your exact sizes.

Another shining example of the fact that:

Our products are not just part numbers! They are quality solutions designed by caring technicians with on-site experience and technical knowledge.