Glass Templates

None of the panels of glass on these stairs were the same size or shape. This can be a nightmare when drawing up glass manufacture drawings. To make thing easier in this situation, our customer created ‘glass templates’ out of wood. Using glass templates significantly increases the accuracy of complex shaped glass panels.

Click here for more guidance and information on creating glass templates.

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Combining Systems and Styles

Our balustrade systems have been designed to be versatile and adaptable. Every balustrade is designed specifically for that situation, so no two balustrades are exactly the same, and you don’t have to try to make your installation fit an exact set of rules for our balustrades work!

For example, in this project Easy Adjust base shoes have been used alongside structural glass fixings in other parts of the house. There is a combination of Easy Adjust Top Mount Channel on the balcony, and stand-off brackets and glass alignment clamps on the stairs.


Our systems are easy to customise, and combine styles and systems.

Another shining example of the fact that: Our products are not just part numbers!

They are quality solutions designed by caring technicians with on-site experience and technical knowledge.