Facetted Glass Balustrade

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Facetted glass balustrades look stunning, and at a first glance appear curved. The effect is created by combining small panels of straight glass set at angles and then a roll bent and curved handrail.  Facetted glass is a fantastic alternative to curved glass. The end result looks curved, without a lot of the cost and hassle of a curved balustrade.

In this project, the channel was cut and mitred, and bespoke joining pins made to secure the ‘curve’ together. With the channel cut and mitred to exact angles, each piece of channel must be placed in the right place. We label each length of channel up, which corresponds to the layout drawing we provide. Doing a dry run first, before installation, helps eliminate expensive mistakes. Ensuring that each piece is in the right order before beginning installation also saves considerable time further during installation. Installing facetted glass balustrades might be slightly more difficult than a straight balustrade, but it is considerably easier than installing a curved one! Our technical team are always on hand to support and advise, so give us a call if you have any installation questions.

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Channel is cut and mitred to suit your exact requirements

Another shining example of the fact that: Our products are not just part numbers!

They are quality solutions designed by caring technicians with on-site experience and technical knowledge.