Slotted Oval Handrail

Fully fabricated handrails look stunning, and really add a touch of class to any application. With sweeping bends and turns, they are the finishing touch to any staircase. This slotted oval handrail was specified by the client for this project. Being oval certainly adds a unique touch to the staircase.

This oval handrail is 304 grade stainless steel, an internal grade stainless steel. 316 grade and 304 grade are equally strong, but the makeup of the steel is slightly different. This mean means that 316 is more suited to outdoor use, with 304 being fine for indoor use. In order to fully fabricate handrails, exact measurements and dimensions need to be known. Once fabricated, there is very little installation tolerance. If using adjustable handrail brackets, having the exact angles isn’t quite so important, as there is considerable installation tolerance in the adjustable brackets.

There are certain regulations involved with handrails, see our Guide to Handrail Regulations here. In short, profiles of handrails should be either circular with a diamter of between 40/50mm, or oval with a width of 50mm. If being fixed onto a wall, the handrail must be offset at least 50mm from the wall. There must be no sharp edges, so square handrails should have rounded edges with a radius of at least 15mm. This oval handrail fulfilled all of the necessary regulations.

The glass in this balustrade is side fixed using stand-off brackets, and then clad in over the top. Cladding in the fixings gives the glass a truly frameless look. Most of the panels of glass on the staircase are shaped. With shaped pieces of glass, making templates first is the best way to ensure that the glass will fit the staircase. Exact angles and measurements can then be taken from the templates. Click here for our guide to creating glass templates.

Having the handrails fabricated offsite, and delivered in a ready to install kit makes installation so much easier! Making life easier for the installer – we do it so you don’t have to.

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We can fully fabricate handrails ready for installation

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