Tall Posts

Offering solutions, not just components. Our balustrade systems are well thought out solutions, designed by caring technicians with onsite experience. As all balustrades are manufactured to order, we can accommodate any bespoke elements needed. We often get asked for tall posts, for balustrades that are being used as a privacy screen. The height of these tall posts varies, depending on the project requirements.

Different height posts can easily be incorporated into one balustrade. For example, having standard height posts and clear glass along the front of the balcony, and then taller posts and privacy glass at the sides. In some situations privacy screens are a requirement of planning permission, so is always worth checking with your local building control if they are involved in the project. Tall privacy screens are not only for your benefit, but also for other neighbours and people around you.

All posts are manufactured to order, so they can be made to suit exact project requirements. Send us a rough sketch, or photos of where the balustrade is to go. Provided we have a few essential details, such as dimensions and what the substrate is, we can take it from there.

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