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Standard balustrade

‘Standard industry terms’ is something you’ve probably seen or heard mentioned before. But what does ‘standard industry terms’ actually mean? Simply, it refers to the terminology that is typically used within an industry. This may mean that the same word has several different meanings, depending on the industry context it is being used in.

However, there are many different names for the same products. What we call a ‘stand-off bracket’, you may know as a ‘pignose fixing’ or a ‘button fixing’. Our technical team know our products inside out, and have a great knowledge of how they work in reality. It is our job to make sure that you receive the products you need, regardless of what you may know them as!

Some common alternative industry terms for our products that we come across

Stand-off Fixing

Also commonly known as:

  • Pig nose fixings
  • Button fixings
  • Boss fixings
  • Point fixings

Glass Alignment Clamps

Also commonly known as:

  • Glass stiffeners
  • Glass connectors

Wall Return

Also commonly known as:

  • Handrail scroll end
  • Handrail turns

Universal Fitting

Also commonly known as:

  • Handrail cradle
  • Handrail connector

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