Side Mount Balustrade Systems

Side mount balustrades are, understandably, balustrades that are fixed on the side. Depending on the situation, fixing the balustrade on the side can make it much easier to install.

Whether installed in a house or in a commercial application a glass balustrade is usually the focal point of the building. Therefore, it is important to take care when purchasing a balustrade as there are many features that will ensure your investment remains robust and looking good for years to come. We supply a variety of systems that can be installed in a wide range of applications including staircases, external decks, patios or balconies, walkways and more!

Side mount glass staircase

Side Mount Balustrade Explained, with Tips and Ideas

Side Mount Wet Glaze Channel

Wet glaze channel forms a permanent structural fixture, and uses a cement-like grout to fix the glass into place. In most applications the channel needs to be clad after installation, or as several of our customers do, box the channel in. Boxing in can ensure that it matches the surroundings, or provide a bespoke finish. Some of our Wet glaze channels meet the 3kn loading requirement needed in heavy duty environments, such as shopping centres. It is also good when there are large quantities of the channel to be installed.

Guide to Wet Glaze Channel Installations       

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Side Mount Easy Adjust

Side Mount Dry Glaze Channel

Our Easy Adjust dry glaze channel uses our unique wedge and gasket system to easily install and adjust the glass. Once the glass is in the channel, any adjustments & locking is achieved from the balcony side so there is no need to access the other side of the balustrade. Significant savings can be made as expensive access equipment and scaffolding can be avoided.

Dry glaze channel does still have to be clad or boxed in in the same way that wet glaze does. However, we have a significant range of cladding and top trims that can be cut and mitred to suit your application. To fully integrate the channel into the installation use top trims. These have been developed to enable a seamless connection between a frameless glass balustrade base channel and a wide range of the most common balcony facias, waterproofing layers or plasterboard interfacing.

Whether side mount wet glaze or side mount dry glaze is better for the situation depends on the application, and your personal preference.

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There are a number of differences between dry glaze channel and wet glaze channel. Click here to read about it in more detail.

Side mount channel is not usually the best choice for Juliette balconies. This is because it often doesn’t clear sills, and there is no standard way of spacing it off. For the load testing to be relevant the structural packers need to be the same height as the channel. If there is no sill to clear, then side mount channel can be used.

Side mount glass banister, close up

770 Standard Standoffs

Glass standoffs are a brilliant way of fixing glass on the side. 770’s have a 50mm boss diameter, so can be used structurally. Standoffs are incredibly versatile, and can be used in many different scenarios. Where there is a limited depth to fix into, can be used in conjunction with our 033 threaded timber inserts. This give a sound structural fixing in minimal depth of wood.

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771 and 769 – front boss and bespoke spacer

Our 769 back spacer is available in 5 standard sizes, and we can also manufacture bespoke sized spacers. As a result, use with the 771 front boss, means that this side mount method can clear sills or nosings and/or other obstacles that may need clearing in order to side mount the glass.

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Side mount stand-offs and spacers are often used on stairs. Although we call them stand-off fixings, there are many different names for them in the industry. You may know them as ‘pig-nose brackets’, ‘face-fix brackets’, ‘boss fixings’ or even ‘button fixings’. Our technical team know our products inside out, and endeavour to provide you with the solution you need, regardless of what you may know different components to be called.

Using stand-off fixings on stairs ensures a good strong fixing into the stringer.  This is important as a balustrade is only as strong as what it is fixed into. Standoff fixings can also be concealed to blend the balustrade in with the rest of the surroundings.

Side Mount Spacer 581 and 595 Side Mount Tensioner

By using 581 spacers and 595 tensioners, posts can be side mounted too. Side mounted posts are good for situations where it would be tricky to use top mount fixings. Also side mounting posts on a deck or wall gives a very minimalist look from balcony/decked side. This is because the fixings are hidden from view, on the  user side.

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Side Mount Bracket 590/592

590 and 592 brackets have a very large surface area for fixing. This can be preferable to the narrow side mount of 580’s in certain situations. For example, if there are corners involved in the layout of the balustrade. Using 592’s mean the post can sit centrally in relation to the corner, over against the 580s/595s.

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One of the biggest advantages of using the 590 standoffs is that posts do not require additional holes to be drilled. This means that the final height of the posts can be determined on site. Also in applications where there is a corner, 590 standoffs are ideal. The corner bracket allows for perfect post alignment, which can be more problematic with other methods of standoffs.

There are many regulations and safety concerns regarding glass balustrades and we understand selecting the correct system can be daunting. However our Technical Team are always willing to discuss your requirements and offer the best solution for your project requirements.

Our products are not just part numbers! Remember what is so fondly referred to as “good old fashioned service”? We do! That is why we promise to make your experience with White Metal a refreshing & invigorating one. We offer full technical and product support and are committed to helping you make your project a success.

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