Riverside Office Complex completed on time and on budget!

Riverside Circulation Area

A multimillion pound building designed to accommodate hundreds of staff from two Suffolk councils has recently opened its doors. To help achieve the design criteria of being a “modern, light and airy building” a structural frameless glass balustrade has been installed extensively throughout the reception, staircase and circulation areas complete with glass to tube stainless steel handrail brackets.

The White Metal wet glazed frameless glass balustrade system was recommended as this offered a cost effective high loading solution that is fast to install and allows the glass to be perfectly aligned.
Glass to tube handrail brackets were used to stand the handrail off the glass and ensure the handrail complies with the required DDA and Building Regulations.

These balustrade systems were supplied to an experienced steel fabrication contractor who works alongside some of the leading construction companies in the UK and Ireland.

Riverside houses around 450 Lowestoft-based staff from Suffolk County Council and Waveney District Council in a building that was been delivered on time and on budget by the councils’ project team and building contractors Kier Construction.

The 3,700m² building was designed by LSI Architects to not only offer excellent comfort for staff and visitors alike but also to deliver substantial savings for the clients in the cost-conscious environment we live in.

Innovation and sustainability have been key considerations throughout the design of this programme according to Kier director Dennis Cotton. He said: “This will be a modern, light and airy building, which offers flexibility and the latest technologies and facilities required for today’s public office buildings.

The building work took just over a year to complete and involved the construction of a three-storey building, complete with conference room facilities and public cafe on the ground floor and workstation areas on the upper floors.

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