Privacy Screens

Frosted or privacy glass is often popular in areas that are highly populated or could be overlooked. Privacy glass can be stipulated as part of the planning permission, for the benefit of both the homeowner and their neighbours. It is always worth checking with your local building control to see if this is a requirement.

Taller glass can be used to create more of a ‘screen’. This is common with balustrades around holiday lodges, where there is a screen around a part of the patio/decking to increase privacy. With the taller glass, there still needs to be enough support. For frameless channel balustrades, 21.5mm toughened & laminated glass should be use. We would also advise using glass alignment clamps, to tie the panels together. If a post system is being used, then the posts are modified to provide the same strength they would at a standard height.

A combination of clear and privacy glass can be used in a balustrade, in order to get the most benefit out the space. Like in this project, the end panels are taller, and frosted, so that the neighbours can’t see straight into the balcony. At the same time it stops those using the balcony directly overlooking the neighbours. Privacy glass is a win win situation for everyone.

The most important thing is ensuring the substrate is strong enough to support the balustrade. Know the saying a chain is only as strong as its weakest link? Well, a balustrade is only as strong as its substrate. Especially as privacy screens tend to be taller than standard balustrades, it is vital there is a sufficient substrate to fix into.

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