New Catalogue Launch

Our new catalogue has launched! And this is definitely our best one yet. Several of our valued customers have already received theirs, and we’ve had a lot of positive feedback. Having been specifically designed to make ordering both quick & easy. Click here to download a digital brochure.

Keeping the same simple A5 format as before, the new catalogue has had a complete refresh. We’ve stuck to our original vision of having a simple catalogue that is easy to use. All of us have had that moment trying to find something in a catalogue, but got completely bogged down in too many pages. With an easy to follow structure, and clear categories, this will never be an issue in our catalogue. A few great features we’d like to point out are:

Quick Codes

Every product has a unique 3-digit Quick Code, just quote this number and we will ask the rest! These are easily identified by our green Quick Code dots. All our products appear in a quick reference grid in our Easy Order Section (see fold out pages 6 to 11), along with its unique quick code and catalogue page number. This makes finding the right product very easy and quick!

White Glove Service

Taking you from sketch to delivery. From concept to completion, we can assist by manufacturing and assembling bespoke balustrade and railing systems, ready for simple installation.

Broaden your existing product offering, and save yourself time and money.


Drawings next to most products, providing all the essential dimensions and details. Need some more information? Give us a call on 03300 414 881, or send an email to, and our friendly team is always happy to help!

Tips and Advice

Our catalogue is packed with helpful tips and ideas, project inspiration photos, and installation and how-to guides. QR codes next to different products take you straight to the helpful guide. Covering subjects from installing end caps, to cleaning and caring for your balustrade, to making a glass template.

Any project, any size. From domestic to corporate projects, and from everything you need to that one thing you need, we’re here to help! 03300 414 881 |

The gnarly parts
of balustrading sorted.
The complexities of getting a balustrade to fit & look good on site can make your eyeballs rattle.
Been there? Got the battle scars?

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