Large Juliet Balconies

A Juliet balcony is a very narrow balcony in front of a door or window. Large Juliet balconies create lovely airy spaces – bringing the outside in! There are many different style of Juliet, see our project gallery for some examples. The size of the opening can sometimes dictate the style of Juliet balcony needed. The most important aspect when planning a large Juliet balcony is that there are sufficient fixing points.

Having large Juliet balconies as a single panel of glass can be problematic. Processed glass naturally has a slight bow to it. When enclosed in windows or partitioning, this bow isn’t noticeable. However as a balustrade, there is no way of hiding the slight bow along larger panels. Also if a frameless system is used, the glass forms the structural element. If the panel is too large, it can become wobbly. We usually recommend having single panels no larger than 2000mm wide.

A handrail is not required on a Juliet balcony, but does add a lot of strength to a balcony covering a large span. All of our clamps come with a removable safety pin. If using clamps, we would recommend using at least 2 of these safety pins per panel. Should the glass slip in the clamps, the pins will hold the glass and prevent it from falling. Each pin is capable of taking over 100kg of weight. Whilst using all the pins would make the balustrade very safe, it removes all installation tolerance.

Have a project we can help with? Give us a call or drop us an email with your project requirements, and let us take it from there! Photos of where the balcony is to be situated always help when quoting. This is so we have a better idea of what the finished result should look like, and also so we can pick up on small details that may affect the project.

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