Is glass the expensive option?

Curved glass is more expensive

Is glass the expensive option? Well, contrary to popular belief, glass is not usually the expensive option! Obviously there are exceptions to every rule, but we have designed our systems to ensure that they meet and exceed all relevant regulations using standard PVB glass. 

For example, the easy adjust frameless glass balustrade system has been load tested using standard toughened and toughened and PVB laminated glass.

Many other systems on the market only meet the regulation loading when using “Sentry Glas”/ Ridgid laminated glass which is 5 times stronger but significantly more expensive than standard PVB laminated glass.

We find that the requirement for “Sentry Glas”/ Ridgid laminated glass is often hidden in the small print of the load tests on the competitors systems and this expensive requirement overlooked. Failure to use the correct glass would mean that the balustrade would not pass building regulations and need to be replaced.

Our systems meet and exceed the required loadings using the standard, cheaper PVB glass, offering you significant cost savings overall.

Exceptions to the rule…

Curved glass is one exception to the ‘glass is not the expensive option’ rule. Curved glass is extremely difficult to calculate, and it has to be perfect first time. Whilst we build in a degree of tolerance on all of our glass balustrades, the tolerance with curved glass is virtually non-existent. So we can supply curved glass, but it is significantly more expensive than standard glass.

However, curved glass does look stunning, and if that is what you want, we will do our utmost to help you achieve your dream!

Faceted glass is a good way to achieve the same look without the price tag. Faceted glass is when straight panels of glass are set at an angle, with a curved handrail, to give the illusion of being curved.

Whilst Sentry Glas is not necessary to meet loading requirements on our systems, it can form some kind of insurance. When installing glass balustrades many floors up in a high rise building, some of our customers like the extra security that Sentry Glas affords. Once again, we are here to advise on our systems, but this is purely advice. We will support you by supplying you with what you want and require for any installation.

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