Introducing our New Defender Channel!

Introducing our all new Defender channel! With so many great features, all designed to make onsite installation even easier. We prefer to think to this new base channel as an evolution rather than a revolution. The Defender channel is the culmination of all the feedback we’ve received over the years from installers onsite. Coupled with our White Glove Service, frameless glass base channel has never been so easy to install. Our aim is to make life easier for the installer, we do it so you don’t have to!

There are 4 main profiles of Defender; top mount, side mount, offset side mount and offset top mount. This ensures that there is a profile of channel suitable for every situation. Especially if the balustrade is being retro fitted, there are usually fixing requirements to take into account. Unsure which profile is best for the project? Give us a call and have a chat with one of our technical team, who will be happy to discuss your project.

Easy to install, with hex head machine screws to adjust and secure glass from top down. There is a cordless drill attachment available for this, making large projects very quick and easy – simply set the torque, and work from one carrier to the next tightening each one up in seconds. The clamping effect pushes the carriers into grooves on the sides of the channel, as opposed to relying on downward pressure to wedge the glass into place.

Up to 20mm adjustment either way on 1100mm tall glass! Allows for easy levelling up once installed. Just note, whilst the glass is completely adjustable, this adjustment is not designed to compensate for major alignment issues when installing the channel.

Suitable for every application. With a couple of different profiles, the Defender dry glaze system covers loading requirements from 0.36 kN to over 3kN! Therefore our Defender system is suitable for installation in a wide range of applications, including staircases, external decks, patios or balconies, walkways and more! The standard Quickcode 970 channel meets the 1.5kN loading requirement with standard PVB laminated glass. Many other systems on the market only meet these requirements with SentryGlas. The requirement for a SGP interlayer is often buried deep in the small print, but failure to sue the correct glass could result in the balustrade failing to pass Building Control. Replacing the entire balustrade is both costly and time consuming.

Fully integrated balcony drainage system available. Allows surface water run-off to pass underneath the channel without affecting its structural properties. Visually it is a very unobtrusive profile, that is barely visible once the channel has been installed. The grids in the drainage channel prevent leaves and debris pass through and clogging it up.

Top trims are available to accommodate alternative exterior cladding, and to finish flush with the floor neatly. These easily snap on after the channel and glass have been installed. Enables connection between structural glass base channel and a wide range of the most common balcony fascias, waterproofing layers or plasterboard interfacing.

With our White Glove Service we can cut the channel to size, and include custom mitres if needed in the design. Full CAD drawings are included in this service. The drawing is sent to you for approval, along with a visual of what the finished project will look like. You can have peace of mind that the balustrade will look exactly as you want it! If mitring cornerson site, we can supply 90 joining pins as standard, as well as creating joining pins to suit bespoke mitres where needed.

Finally, a system that is specifically designed to be used with strip lighting! It has been one of the most frequent questions we get asked about balustrading, and we now offer a fully integrated system. Give us a call to discuss the specifics of your project, and to learn more about how the system works.

Free technical advice. Technical team always on hand to answer any questions you may have. With on-site experience and expertise, well thought out solutions. There are many regulations and safety concerns regarding glass balustrades, and we understand that selecting the correct system can be daunting. Our products are not just part numbers! Remember what is so fondly referred to as “good old fashioned service”? We do, that is why we promise to make your experience with White Metal a refreshing & invigorating one. We offer full technical and product support and are committed to helping you make your project a success.


Download the full Defender brochure here!

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