INTRODUCING DOOR JIMMY! Stop The Spread of Germs

How often have you been in a public building and not wanted to use a door handle! Often times, we may pay a visit to a public toilet, wash our hands (hopefully!) – only to then have to touch the door handle on the way out!

Any good done by washing your hands is immediately rendered worthless. The same applies to hospital wards, hospital toilets, offices, shops – the list is endless.

Door Jimmy works on any latchless door and enables simple HANDS FREE opening. Simply pull the door open with the tip of your shoe leaving your hands clean and germ free.

Door Jimmy, eliminating touch points, preventing the spread of germs, and keeping the community safe!

Door Jimmy Specification:

✓ High grade stainless steel

✓ Supplied as a full kit with necessary fixings

✓ Countersunk fixings available

✓ Easy installation

✓ No special tools required

Get in touch for more information! One of our technical team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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