Easy Adjust Frameless Glass Installation Video

Easy Adjust Installation Guide

Easy Adjust Installation Instructions

Traditionally it has been very difficult and time consuming to level glass on frameless systems. With our all-new easy adjust dry glaze system this is a problem of the past.

Our unique sliding wedge assembly allows full adjustment of the glass and the entire installation can take place from the inside face/ balcony side where it is easiest and safest for the installer.

Install in just 5 easy steps:

Step 1 – Your first step is to place the wedge assembly into the channel followed by the back gasket.
Step 2 – Carefully lower the glass into the carrier followed by the locking wedge.
Please note: it is very important not to apply any downward pressure on the wedge at this stage.
Step 3 – Using the easy adjust tool, simply slide the carrier left to right for up to 20mm adjustment each way.
Step 4 – Once the glass is plumb and perfectly aligned with adjacent panels, use the combi tool to lock the front wedge into place.
Step 5 – The front gasket can now be fitted using the roller incorporated in the combi tool.
Never before has it been so easy – and safe – to install frameless glass balustrade systems.