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Protective post and glass screens for trade counter

It is vital for every employer that they provide a safe and secure environment for their employees and their customers. This is even more important at the current time due to the Covid-19 global pandemic. As everyone is forced to adapt to the current climate, White Metal are here to support you by providing custom glass sneeze guards.

Custom sneeze guards to protect you, your employees and your customers.

A sneeze guard is a plastic or glass screen originally designed to protect food from contamination. However we recognise that keeping people safe is priority right now. Therefore we’ve worked with several of our customers to provide bespoke glass sneeze guards. View our standard range of sneeze screens here. 

Glass sneeze guards work by creating a physical barrier between people preventing contamination and the spread of infection. Glass security screens designed for attack resistance are also an important part of infection control. Whilst totally enclosed screens provide good protection, openings to pass packages through should be considered as part of the infection control measures.

The glass provides direct protection, and an easy to sanitise surface as part of overall infection control. Glass sneeze guards are extremely strong and resilient, without compromising on the aesthetics of the surroundings.

Preventing the spread of infection doesn’t have to mean a complete overhaul! Our technical team are expert at working with what is already there, to create a bespoke solution to your unique situation.

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