Facia Connect and Floor Connect Top Trims

Seamless integration of cladding using top trims

Top Trim Timber Cladding

Our new range of base shoe top trims allows you to seamlessly incorporate different facias into your frameless balustrade installation. These top trims enable easy connection between structural glass base channel and a wide range of the most common balcony facias, waterproofing layers, or plasterboard interfacing.

Facia connect top trim

Frameless glass top trims allow a seamless integration of channel into an installation. In essence, facia connect top trims fix onto the channel, and offset the cladding. There is then a space between the channel and the cladding. The size of this space depends on the size of top trim you choose to use.

Use of top trims also means that bespoke or unique cladding can be used in place of standard stainless steel cladding. This is because the top trims use the original gaskets to fix onto the channel. However, other types of cladding can be used by fitting them into a top trim.  Maybe you want to use timber cladding to cover an aluminium channel? Or maybe you need to use a cladding that matches the rest of the building.

As frameless glass channel is ideal to use on balconies, many customers want to be able to incorporate it into the main design. Top trims are ideal in this scenario, as they give you control over the visual design of the channel.

Cladding can hide all the other trades seamlessly behind it. This enables you to achieve a fantastic look, without sacrificing the important things such as waterproofing. Therefore the frameless glass balustrade still looks the same, but is fully functionable.

Floor connect top trim are used to integrate Easy Adjust channel with flooring, when the channel is recessed in line with the floor. When using the floor connect top trim there is no gap between channel and flooring. It also ensures that the channel is directly connected to the flooring.

Top trim on balcony at back of house

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