Easy Checklist for Designing Balustrade

Having a rough idea in your head of what you want the end result to look like is essential when designing a balustrade. There are countless options out there, and so many ways to customise your project so its completely unique.

Installation practicalities do have an impact on the design, and what is actually achievable. There are beautiful images floating around on sites such as Pinterest, and it is important to understand what your project will actually allow for. For example, when designing a large Juliette balcony, it is important to ensure that sufficient fixing points are available beneath the opening of the balcony. However that’s where our technical expertise and on site experience comes in! We can work with you on the project to create a stunning balustrade that is achievable in your exact requirements.

There are a few things that are important to consider before finalising your design. We’ve compiled an easy checklist for designing your perfect balustrade.

  • Is the project outside or inside?
  • Are you in a coastal area?
  • Is it glass or cables?
  • Is this balustrade designed to protect a drop, or is it purely cosmetic?
  • Do you know what substrate there is to fix into?
  • Would you like side mount or top mount?
  • If using glass, a post and glass system, or a frameless glass system?
  • Do you want or need a handrail?
  • If it is a rooftop balcony, have allowances already been made for fixings at the waterproofing stage?

As with any project, it is common to shop around getting different quotes from various companies. It is important though, to compare what different quotes are actually allowing for, rather than just the price at the bottom of the quote. For example, the fixings needed to fix the balustrade to your substrate will make a considerable difference to the overall price. Just because the frameless base channel from one company is cheaper, if it requires specialist fixings, it can end up costing you more than a more expensive channel, which uses standard fixings.

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