Easy Adjust Frameless Glass Balustrade System

Easy Adjust frameless glass balustrade

Our new Easy Adjust frameless glass balustrade system offers many unique features and benefits when compared with conventional dry glazed balustrade channels. Traditionally it has been very difficult and time consuming to level glass on frameless balustrade systems. With our all-new easy adjust dry glaze system this is a problem of the past!

Whether installed in a house or in a commercial application a glass balustrade is usually the focal point of the building. Therefore, it is important to take care when purchasing a balustrade as there are many features that will ensure your investment remains robust and looking good for years to come. Our system can be installed in a wide range of applications including staircases, external decks, patios or balconies, walkways and more!

Side Mount Easy Adjust

Features and Benefits of the Easy Adjust Frameless Glass Balustrade System

Glass Can be adjusted up to 34mm

With our Easy Adjust gasket system you can perfectly align each glass balustrade panel independently, AFTER the base channel has been installed .

This is an important feature as trying to ensure the channel is installed 100% plumb is virtually impossible in real life applications. If the base shoe is even a few millimetres out of plumb when bolted down, the top edge of the glass can end up significantly out of alignment with adjacent panels of glass.

Adding to this problem, due to the manufacture process, toughened glass panels are often slightly bowed. This makes the ability to align glass panels independently a must for any balustrade installer. With our system you can ensure the tops of all the glass panels are perfectly aligned even if no handrail is being used.

Easy Adjust Adjustment Measurements                View the Product Range here.

Intalled From Balcony Side Only

You can install the Easy Adjust frameless glass system completely from the balcony or deck side, making it much faster, safer and cost effective to install.

Significant savings can be made as expensive access equipment and scaffolding can be avoided.

Once the glass is in the channel, any adjustments & locking is achieved from the balcony side so there is no need to access the other side of the balustrade.

Easy Adjust Installation Video                View the Product Range here.

We can cut and mitre the base channel and handrails to your exact requirements and dimensions, ready for easy installation on site.

Our in-house CNC cutting facilities ensure a perfect, neat and accurate cut every time and we recommend all customers make use of this service as the aluminium channel can be difficult to cut on site if the correct equipment isn’t available.

90 Degree pre-formed corners are available ex-stock if required.

White Glove Fabrication Service                View the Product Range here.

No Countersunk Substrate Fixings Required

The unique base channel design ensures that normal hex head substrate fixings, such as chemical studs, can be used rather than expensive countersunk fixings often required by other systems.

Costs of substrate fixings are often overlooked but should always be included when comparing prices as this can make a significant difference to the overall project cost.

It is important to use the correct fixings for the system as this can affect the loadings of the balustrade.

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Increased Fixing Spacings

The Easy Adjust frameless glass system has been specifically designed to minimise the number of substrate fixings required.

Drilling the substrate, particularly when it is into concrete or steel, is often the most difficult part of the installation and can take the most time. Drill bits are expensive too so reducing the number of fixings significantly reduces your overall project costs.

The number of fixings required per metre is dependant on the load requirements for your project but our technical team are able to advise. Alternatively this information can be found on the load test certificates.

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High Loadings Using PVB Glass

The easy adjust frameless glass balustrade system has been load tested using standard toughened and toughened and PVB laminated glass.

Many other systems on the market only meet the regulation loading when using “Sentry Glas”/ Ridgid laminated glass which is 5 times stronger but significantly more expensive than standard PVB laminated glass.

We find that the requirement for “Sentry Glas”/ Ridgid laminated glass is often hidden in the small print of the load tests on the competitions systems and this expensive requirement overlooked. Failure to use the correct glass would mean that the balustrade would not pass building regulations and need to be replaced.

The Easy Adjust channels meet and exceed the required loadings using the standard, cheaper PVB glass, offering you significant cost savings overall.

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There are many regulations and safety concerns regarding glass balustrades and we understand selecting the correct system can be daunting. However our Technical Team are always willing to discuss your requirements and offer the best solution for your project requirements.

Our products are not just part numbers! Remember what is so fondly referred to as “good old fashioned service”? We do, that is why we promise to make your experience with White Metal a refreshing & invigorating one. We offer full technical and product support and are committed to helping you make your project a success.

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30% Faster to Install

This system has been designed by installers, persons who fully understand the challenges that are encountered on sites. An often overlooked or hidden expense when choosing a frameless glass balustrade system is the installation cost. Whether you are homeowner or a trade installer there is always a cost involved not only for the time and labour. The Easy Adjust balustrade system has been proven to reduce installation times up to 30%.

“We had allowed a 2 day install based on other systems but we were done in 1 day!”

Drainage Holes

The Easy Adjust frameless glass balustrade system comes complete with discreet machined drainage holes every 110cm to ensure that any water ingress can quickly drain away.

This is to avoid the traditional problems of water building up in the channel over time, which can cause glass lamination to fail and issues with gaskets popping out as the water freezes and expands. Another problem caused by the lack of drainage holes is that the water tends to seep out the horizontal joins and leaves dirty marks down the channel.

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The Easy Adjust frameless glass balustrade system is anodised to a 25 microns stainless steel effect which means it will continue to look just as good as when first installed even after many years in even the harshest environments.

Other systems are often either only anodised to 15 microns (which is not suitable for some outdoor applications) or they are supplied as a raw aluminium finish and require powder-coating or  an expensive stainless steel cladding.

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Drainage Spacers

Not to be confused with standard drainage holes in the channel, drainage spacers are available to space the channel off the substrate or surface to allow water to drain underneath the channel if required. This is particularly useful on flat roof or balcony installations if the water needs to drain off the roof or deck area. In installations where the balustrade forms a “U shape” water can build up inside the balcony and start to form a pool. These spacers allow the water to flow underneath the channel instead.

Drainage Spacers               View the Product Range here.

Top Interface Covers

Our new range of base shoe top trims have been developed to enable a seamless connection between a frameless glass balustrade base channel and a wide range of the most common balcony facias, waterproofing layers or plasterboard interfacing.
The trims simply clip to the top of both our surface mounting and side mounting easy adjust base channels and the current range suits connections to a variety of profile thicknesses from 3mm through to 20mm.

View more details on our top trims               View the Product Range here.

Joining Pins for perfect alignment

Joining pins are available for the Easy Adjust frameless glass balustrade system, which ensure that the butt joined base shoes are always perfectly aligned. These can be used on the pre-formed corners too.

View Joining Pins Here               View the Product Range here.

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