Decking Balustrades

A balustrade is only as strong as its substrate. This is a statement we’ve repeated many times, but only because its true. The substrate you are fixing into directly effects the overall strength of the finished result. This connection is most obvious in decking balustrades. Decking balustrades often have long straight runs, with few corners/returns to add strength.

Something we would always advise with decks is not to fix the balustrade onto the perimeter board. Fixing into the perimeter board tends to make for a very wobbly balustrade! It is also important to fix into the actual substrate, rather than just into the decking itself.

An alternative to fixing on the top of the balcony is to fix into the side. Whether to top mount or side mount is often a cosmetic decision. However, there are situations where it has to be one or the other, depending on the exact requirements. All our stainless steel components can be combined in many different ways to create the perfect solution. In this project both top fix and side fix have been used at different points in the balustrade. Around the main deck the balustrade is top fixed, but down the stairs it is all side fixed.

When using our Quickcode 595 side mount tensioners and Quickcode 580 Spacers to side mount, the further apart the vertical fixings are, the stronger the fixing.

Our products are not just part numbers! They are quality solutions designed by caring technicians with on-site experience and technical knowledge.

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