Crowd Control System

As we all adjust to living with the reality of coronavirus, ‘normal’ as we knew it will never fully return. One of stark memories of the Covid 19 pandemic, are the crowded supermarkets and empty shelves. With the social distancing guidelines now in place, thankfully this scenario is unlikely to return. However the crowds have been replaced by long queues outside supermarkets, waiting to get in.

As the country begins to unlock, every company has to adjust to the new way of working and living. Proper crowd control systems will become a necessity for many companies, to ensure social distancing is properly enforced. Therefore we’ve introduced the new Crowd Control System.

Benefits of the Crowd Control System

Our new Crowd Control System is so easy to install. It is supplied in a kit form for fast installation. As the cable rope infills simply hook into the posts, a standard post can be used for end, middle and corner applications.

  • All parts are solid stainless steel
  • Posts feature a ‘no-rock’ design for added safety to free standing posts
  • Single post suits end, middle or corner applicatoins
  • Supplied in a kit form, ready for easy installation
  • Can be flat pack away when not in use
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Smart and discreet
  • Hard wearing and long lasting
  • Can hang signs on the cable rope infill
  • ‘Sign Holder’ posts available

Effective Communication

Every post can be turned into a brand opportunity! We offer two types of post; the standard post, or the Crowd Control Sign Holder Post. In addition to that, signs can be hung from the cable rope infill. These could be adverts for offers, communicating guidelines for behaviour in the store, or displaying markers of ‘2 metres’ required by social distancing.

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