Bespoke Brackets

Shortened 454 bespoke bracket
Lengthened 454 bespoke bracket

Our products are not just part numbers! They are quality solutions designed by caring technicians with on-site experience and technical knowledge. We understand that sometimes the vision you have of your perfect balustrade just can’t be achieved using standard parts. That is why we work with you to create a solution. One way we do this is through our White Glove service.

The project these components were modified for was an addition to a previous project we had supplied. As our brackets had already been used in the balustrade, all additions had to be consistent. When unforeseen difficulties obstructed the flow of the handrail, our customer came to us asking if we could modify our Quickcode 454 brackets. They needed bespoke brackets that were significantly shorter, as well as those at least twice as long as our standard handrail bracket. White Metal was happy to help!

Our sales team worked extensively with the customer to ensure that the planned modifications would be perfect. Once they had determined the exact dimensions the bespoke brackets needed to be, it was passed into the capable hands of our manufacturing department.

White Metal has invested heavily in state of the art machinery in our factory to bring you the best fabrication possible. Combined with the perfectionist attention to detail of our workshop guys, our products are known for their outstanding quality. Our aim is to create bespoke products of such high quality, that even our technicians struggle to tell where the modifications are.


All of our components can be modified to suit your requirements. With our inhouse fabrication service, White Metal can do so much more than just supply components!

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