Attention to Detail

The small details of a project are what makes the finished project great. Often, the stunning appearance of a balustrade is the result of meticulous attention to all the tiny details. Paying great attention to detail is one of those characteristics that sets White Metal apart!

The quality of the overall balustrade relies on the quality of each and every component. The image on the left is one that was sent into us by a customer, of a balustrade he had bought from another company. The balustrade had a cable railing infill, and when tensioned, the cable infill proved too strong for the balustrade posts. The posts physically started to lean inwards. Whereas our handrail saddles are made from a single casting of solid stainless steel, the saddles that had been used were made up of 3 parts. Under the tension of the cables the saddles broke as they weren’t strong enough for the purpose.

In contrast, our handrail saddles are a single solid casting, making them infinitely stronger than the saddles shown. In addition, the fixing holes in the handrail cradle are slightly offset from each other, creating a strong fixing so that the handrail doesn’t rock. This is just a small example of our attention to detail in our products.

By working with our customers on their projects, we can ensure that the balustrade is as easy to install as possible. Every installation is unique, and often this requires bespoke solutions to the installation requirements.

Know the saying that something is only as strong as its weakest link? By paying close attention to the quality of each individual component, we ensure that every balustrade is top quality.

Often the difference between a good finished result and a great finished result is the level of attention to detail shown in the project. White Metal likes to be a project partner rather than just a supplier of components. With the background of technical expertise and onsite experience, our technical team often pick up on aspects that might have otherwise been missed.

Got a project needing a balustrade? Get in touch to explain your requirements, we’ll go from there!

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