A Touch of Glass

In recent years, glass has soared in popularity and is now one of the top materials of choice within architecture and interior design. It gives an open and airy touch to a space, and complements contemporary spaces regardless of its application.

Despite this, there’s the common misconception that glass is quite limiting as a material when, in reality, its versatility and style makes it an ideal design option for the staircase in any home.

What are the benefits of using glass?

Glass staircase, D-shaped clamp


Undoubtedly, one of the biggest reasons for the increasing popularity of glass in staircases is the aesthetics. Glass has the ability to complement homes of any style, and incorporates well into many staircase designs. When combined with the natural elegance of timber, glass creates a sense of sophistication and will help to create that wow-factor in your hallway.

Illusion of space

Clear glass has the power to make a space appear larger than it really is – something that is difficult to replicate with other materials such as wood or metal. It’s the perfect choice if you wish to make the most of unobstructed views.

Enhances natural light

Incorporating glass into your staircase will allow ample sunlight to pass through and illuminate its surroundings. It creates a bright, welcoming environment, even if you stairwell is a typically dark or shaded area of your home.

A lasting investment

Many perceive glass to be delicate, so you may be surprised that it’s actually more durable than wood! As well as being widely accepted within building regulations and complying with the necessary loadings required, toughened glass is highly resistant against the everyday knocks and bumps that it is likely to face in a busy home.

Design Ideas

Structural Glass

Side Mount glass staircase
Side mount glass banister, close up
Side mount glass staircase

Frameless stair balustrades are a stunning design feature. Toughened and laminated glass is integrated in the staircase structure. This removes the need for traditional supports and allows you to think more freely about the design. Our glass standoffs, quickcode 770, can be used to side mount the glass. Or you could use quickcodes 769 and 771 to accommodate a bespoke spacing, as this project has.

Glass and Brackets

Bracket system glass stair infill

Our D-shaped clamps glass brackets system is a simple yet striking design. Large panes of glass are fitted to the railings and newel posts using stainless steel clamps, leaving a small area of open space around the edges.

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