Decking Balustrades

A balustrade is only as strong as its substrate. This is a statement we’ve repeated many times, but only because its true. The substrate you are fixing into directly effects the overall strength of the finished result. This connection is most obvious in decking balustrades. Decking balustrades often have long straight runs, with few corners/returns to add strength. Something we would always advise with decks is not to fix the balustrade onto the perimeter board. Fixing into the perimeter board tends

Curved Glass Balustrades

Curved glass balustrades look fantastic, but can be very difficult to manufacture and install. The complexities involved also tend to drive the price up. If a curved balustrade is what you want for the project, the stunning end results are always worth the extra effort. Glass is the ideal option for balustrades, due to its versatility and aesthetics. Glass can be used indoors or outdoors, and unlike many metals, won't rust or weather in the elements. There are certain curves and

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