Inspirations Guide

Humans are visual creatures. Most of us process information based on what we see. When designing balustrades, seeing past projects really help. Our Inspirations Guide includes details and examples of all the major balustrade system types. These are examples, and we will accommodate any specific requirements your project may have. In fact, many of these projects include custom details which aren’t visible at first glance. Click here to download the Inspirations Guide Equally, seeing photos of where your balustrade

Privacy Screens

Frosted or privacy glass is often popular in areas that are highly populated or could be overlooked. Privacy glass can be stipulated as part of the planning permission, for the benefit of both the homeowner and their neighbours. It is always worth checking with your local building control to see if this is a requirement. Taller glass can be used to create more of a 'screen'. This is common with balustrades around holiday lodges, where there is a screen around a

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