Bespoke Timber Handrails

When good quality is just not good enough. Our premium range of timber handrail components has been developed following requests from architects and customers. This is a truly timber handrail, and does not require any stainless steel joining rings or components. This range really comes to the fore when a project needs that 'extra special' touch. Bespoke timber handrails are an investment that really add the wow factor. Typically used on staircases, that is by no means the only place these

Vertical Cables

One important thing to check when installing vertical cables into a floor or ceiling, is that the substrate is strong enough. Once tensioned, each cable will exert considerable force. In the same way a handrail is recommended when using posts and horizontal cables to prevent the posts being pulled together, vertical cables will try and pull top and bottom together if they’re isn’t sufficient strength. Depending on the design, there is very little installation tolerance in vertical cables. Accessibility for installation

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