Warm-to-Touch Handrails

What are 'warm-to-touch' guidelines for handrails? Warm-to-touch is a phrase commonly used in association with handrails in high-usage areas, such as entrance ramps or corridor handrails. But what does it mean and what materials can be classified as 'warm-to-touch' for specification in these environments? Document K outlines that handrails should not become excessively cold or hot to touch. Handrails provide support on stairs or along ramps, and may help the user as the ascend or descend. If th

Is Laminated Glass a Combustible Material?

Following the Grenfell disaster in 2017, many changes have been made to the fire safety regulations. One amendment to Approved Document B in particular has affected the balustrading on balconies when at height. The amendment banned the use of all combustible materials on the external face of buildings over 18m tall. To  be compliant materials have to achieve a fire classification of A2-s1 or A1 classified, in accordance with BS EN

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