Bespoke Timber Handrails

When good quality is just not good enough. Our premium range of timber handrail components has been developed following requests from architects and customers. This is a truly timber handrail, and does not require any stainless steel joining rings or components. This range really comes to the fore when a project needs that 'extra special' touch. Bespoke timber handrails are an investment that really add the wow factor. Typically used on staircases, that is by no means the only place these

Is Laminated Glass a Combustible Material?

Following the Grenfell disaster in 2017, many changes have been made to the fire safety regulations. One amendment to Approved Document B in particular has affected the balustrading on balconies when at height. The amendment banned the use of all combustible materials on the external face of buildings over 18m tall. To  be compliant materials have to achieve a fire classification of A2-s1 or A1 classified, in accordance with BS EN