What kind of glass is best?

What kind of glass is best for my project? This is a question we get asked a lot, as there is often a lot of confusion and misconception around the different types of glass. As always, it really is defined on a project by project basis, but there are a few basics that we would always follow when recommending glass. Toughened Glass All the glass that we supply is toughened safety glass. This means that if a panel

Requirements for Frameless Glass Balustrades

Height Requirements for Glass Balustrades The necessary height requirements for glass balustrades are determined by the building’s use and is detailed in Building Regulations Part K (Diagram 3.1). These are given in the height of the balustrade above Finished Floor Level (FFL). In a private residential building a balustrade is needed: At opening windows (expect roof windows in loft extensions, See Building Regulations Part B1) 800mm Internal Balustrades (stairs, landings, ramps, edges of internal floors etc.) 900mm External Balustrades (balconies, edges of roofs,

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