10 Reasons to use Stand-off Fittings

Structural & decorative Our stand-off fittings come in both 50mm diameter and 30mm diameter. The 50mm diameter stand-offs are a structural fixing, that is suitable for all frameless glass balustrades. 30mm diameter stand-off fittings aren't considered structural, and are rarely used for balustrades. These are more often used as a fixing for decorative signage, where loading requirements are not a factor. Suits any thickness of glass This system is extremely versatile, and stand-offs fittings are

Approved Document K – Stairs and Ladders

In this article we're drilling down into the exact requirements detailed in Approved Document K for stairs and ladders. The following 14 points are the ones we feel are most important, but this is for guidance and advice only. If you are in any doubt, please refer to the Approved Document K on the Gov.uk website SECTION 1: Stairs and ladders 1.   For flights of stairs (other than dwelling houses) a minimum width between walls or stringers should

Is glass the expensive option?

Is glass the expensive option? Well, contrary to popular belief, glass is not usually the expensive option! Obviously there are exceptions to every rule, but we have designed our systems to ensure that they meet and exceed all relevant regulations using standard PVB glass.  For example, the easy adjust frameless glass balustrade system has been load tested using standard toughened and toughened and PVB laminated glass. Many other systems on the market only meet the regulation

Standard Industry Terms

'Standard industry terms' is something you've probably seen or heard mentioned before. But what does 'standard industry terms' actually mean? Simply, it refers to the terminology that is typically used within an industry. This may mean that the same word has several different meanings, depending on the industry context it is being used in. However, there are many different names for the same products. What we call a 'stand-off bracket', you may know as a 'pignose fixing' or a 'button fixing'.

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