INTRODUCING DOOR JIMMY! Stop The Spread of Germs

How often have you been in a public building and not wanted to use a door handle! Often times, we may pay a visit to a public toilet, wash our hands (hopefully!) - only to then have to touch the door handle on the way out! Any good done by washing your hands is immediately rendered worthless. The same applies to hospital wards, hospital toilets, offices, shops - the list is endless. Door Jimmy works on any

What is a Juliet Balcony?

Put simply, a Juliet balcony is a very narrow balcony or railing which sits just outside a window or pair of French doors on the upper storey of a building. The style is thought to have originated in the Mediterranean countries, such as France, Spain and Italy. The name ‘Juliet balcony’ is derived from Shakespeare’s famous play, ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Juliet balconies started appearing in the UK during the Georgian period, when they were specified by architects to give grand homes

Site Operating Procedures

A big THANK YOU to all those working tirelessly within the construction industry!

Whether by building temporary hospital wards, installing complex and life-saving oxygen systems, constructing the infrastructure that society needs to function or ensuring that people have safe and healthy homes to live in. You are delivering for our Nation through this difficult time.
Despite some confusion about whether work can continue on construction sites, the answer is officially yes! To ensure that there is clear guidance regarding this, the
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