Glass Sneeze Guards & Screens | Protect Your Employees

Custom sneeze guards to protect you, your employees and your customers. A sneeze guard is a plastic or glass screen originally designed to protect food from contamination. However we recognise that keeping people safe is priority right now. Therefore we've worked with several of our customers to provide bespoke glass sneeze guards. View our standard range of sneeze screens here.  Glass sneeze guards work by creating a physical barrier between people preventing contamination and the spread of infection.

Covid-19 Update – We’re Business As Usual!

WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS and always will be! We have remote working for the office in place where possible and this is functioning very well, and the warehouse has the correct precautions and social distancing measures in place. Placing orders, requesting quotes and contacting us for advice is still as usual. Contact us on the usual phone numbers and email addresses, and we'll help as always! Our direct understanding from Robert Jenrick , Housing Minister, is “if you are

Bespoke Brackets

The project these components were modified for was an addition to a previous project we had supplied. As our brackets had already been used in the balustrade, all additions had to be consistent. When unforeseen difficulties obstructed the flow of the handrail, our customer came to us asking if we could modify our Quickcode 454 brackets. They needed bespoke brackets that were significantly shorter, as well as those at least twice as long as our standard

Side Mount Balustrade Systems

Side mount balustrades are, understandably, balustrades that are fixed on the side. Depending on the situation, fixing the balustrade on the side can make it much easier to install. Whether installed in a house or in a commercial application a glass balustrade is usually the focal point of the building. Therefore, it is important to take care when purchasing a balustrade as there are many features that will ensure your investment remains robust and looking good for years to come. We

Glass Template Requirements and Preparations

In situations where there is complicated shaped glass, creating a glass template is often easier. Below is a short guide to glass template requirements. Please take note of the following requirements for templates to avoid unnecessary delays in processing your order:

  • Make sure all templates are of a suitable material
    • Accepted materials are: Hardboard, corex, ply, polycarbonate, sheet metal,
    • Unacceptable materials are: Paper, cloth, cardboard
  • Templates must be flat on one side and all details,

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