Bespoke Glass

Have you experienced the frustration of trying to make stock size glass panels fit into a unique balustrade or installation? We can relate! We have many years of experience in the industry, and have come up against this problem in various different situations. That's why we are committed to supplying bespoke glass specially manufactured to any unique size and shape. Once glass has been toughened and laminated, it has a slight tendency to bow, and in larger panels this becomes a

11 Handy Tips for Measuring For Glass

How to measure for glass Glass is not known for its bendy and accommodating nature when installing. Therefore, accurate measurements are important to ensure glass is ordered at the perfect size and shape. Below are some tips on measuring for glass, both for balustrades and staircases. These are a guide only – if further support or advice is needed, please contact our technical team on 03300 414 881.

  1. Take your time. Remember the old saying, ‘Measure twice, cut once’? This applies

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