Planning Permission v Building Regulations

Planning permission. Two words that are always greeted with eye-rolling. Two words that almost always cause confusion and frustration. Planning permission is a lengthy, and often expensive process. Planning permission, building regulations, and all other guidelines and rules are in place to protect our built and natural environment. This is a guide only. You must check with the planning department and/or building control of your local authority before work starts if you need planning permission for your project. Are planning permission and building

A Touch of Glass

In recent years, glass has soared in popularity and is now one of the top materials of choice within architecture and interior design. It gives an open and airy touch to a space, and complements contemporary spaces regardless of its application. Despite this, there’s the common misconception that glass is quite limiting as a material when, in reality, its versatility and style makes it an ideal design option for the staircase in any home. What are the benefits of using glass? Aesthetics Undoubtedly, one

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