Can balustrades and handrails be CE Marked under EN1090-1?

In Short the Answer is NO! There has been considerable confusion throughout the entire construction industry as to exactly what is covered with-in the scope of the Construction Products Regulation and more specifically what falls within the scope of EN1090-1. It has been difficult  to find an unbiased source of information,  as many associations, consultants and other personnel in the UK have very definitely (and incorrectly) stated that all balustrading IS included, and therefore have a lot to lose by now admitting that it

Photo Competition Launched

Have YOU made something you're proud of, using a White Metal product?  Here at White Metal we're always looking for details and stories of projects that inform, intrigue and inspire those interested in balustrades and handrails. We invite you to send us information about recent projects, photos of a unique job, news about your company, ideas you have, or anything else related to the world of balustrading. It can be a few sentences, a few paragraphs, or an entire article but

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