10 Reasons to use Stand-off Fittings

Structural & decorative

Our stand-off fittings come in both 50mm diameter and 30mm diameter. The 50mm diameter stand-offs are a structural fixing, that is suitable for all frameless glass balustrades. 30mm diameter stand-off fittings aren’t considered structural, and are rarely used for balustrades. These are more often used as a fixing for decorative signage, where loading requirements are not a factor.

Suits any thickness of glass

This system is extremely versatile, and stand-offs fittings are completely customisable. A stand-off is made up of 3 main parts, the front boss, back spacer, and threaded stud. As all 3 parts separate, any thickness of glass can be used.

Adapts to different substrates

We can supply suitable fixing to suit many different substrates. The installation method for stand-offs and glass depends on what type of substrate you are fixing into. Download our free installation guide for more details, or get in touch for technical advice.

Sleek and discreet fixing

Stand-off fittings can be used in situations where frameless channel would be too bulky. Both standoffs and channel create a similar frameless balustrade, but standoff fittings are much more discreet and unobtrusive.

Easy to conceal on stairs

As the stand-off fittings are so narrow and discreet, they are ideal for using on stairs where the client doesn’t want fixings to be seen. As using the backspacer is optional, they are easy to box in. This results in stunning wooden staircases!

Large stocks held in the UK for quick and easy dispatch

Provided no bespoke spacers are needed to be manufactured, if ordered before 2pm we can dispatch same day on an overnight courier. Contact us today to discuss your requirements!

03300 414 881 | sales@whitemetal.co.uk

Radius back and flat back available

Suitable to use in almost every situation! As we stock both flat back and radius back options, it is incredibly versatile. As we are fabricators as well as suppliers, we can adapt our components to suit your requirements. Contact us for more information on how we can help you!

03300 414 881 | sales@whitemetal.co.uk

Bespoke back spacers

We supply 769 back spacers in 5 standard sizes, ranging from 10mm to 75mm. However we can manufacture bespoke sized spacers to suit your design, enabling the balustrade to clear any overhanging copings or sills.

This can also be used to incorporate drainage space in your balustrade, ensuring your balustrade stays in perfect condition for longer.

Free technical advice!

There are many regulations and safety concerns regarding glass balustrades and we understand selecting the correct system can be daunting. However our customer support team are always will to discuss your requirements and offer the best solution for your project requirements.

Our products are not just part numbers!

Remember what is so fondly referred to as ‘good old fashioned service’? We do, and that is why we promise to make your experience with WhiteMetal a refreshing and invigorating one.

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