10 Easy Reasons to use Pre-Assembled Posts

To compliment our superior range of balustrade and railing components, White Metal offer to assist our clients by managing key elements of their supply chain and manufacture on their projects. This means that we can supply pre-assembled posts ready for you to install. Its not just posts, we can fully fabricate many different styles of balustrades, to provide you with a complete solution.

Concentrate on what you’re good at!

Our pre-assembled posts means you can concentrate on what you’re good at! This is particularly appreciated by glaziers, carpenters, joiners and smaller fabricators. Or those whose workshop facilities are centred around a different primary product.

White Glove Assembly Service

With the offer of different levels of fabrication, from our ‘Essentials Service’ through to our prestigious ‘White Glove Service’, we are confident we can offer a solution to meet your requirement within your budget.

Saving you time and money!

We can save you time and money by managing key elements of your supply chain. We have invested into state-of-the-art machinery for stainless steel manufacture. This means we can manufacture stainless steel goods faster and cheaper than many smaller setups, without the same resource, could.

No fear of cross-contamination

Manufacturing stainless steel in the same environment as other types of metals, such as mild steel, can lead to cross contamination. This is likely to cause tea staining or even rusting.

Post and cable system

Pre-assembled posts manufactured to order

We manufacture all our posts to order. This means that we can accommodate bespoke spacings, placings and heights. As a result your balustrade can be as individual and original as you.

Quick lead times

As our workshop is permanently set up for manufacturing posts and other balustrades, we can turn around an order fast. It is our aim to ensure that every customer gets a high level of care and attention, so that the finished result is exactly what they expected.

In-house manufacture

As we manufacture everything in house, we can accommodate bespoke pre-assembled posts without longer lead times.

Easy to install

By pre-assembling posts, we aim to provide a product that is easy to install onsite. With our varying levels of fabrication, we are confident we can offer a solution that is best suited to you and your installation.

Free technical advice!

There are many regulations and safety concerns regarding glass balustrades and we understand selecting the correct system can be daunting. However our customer support team are always will to discuss your requirements and offer the best solution for your project requirements.

Our products are not just part numbers!

Remember what is so fondly referred to as ‘good old fashioned service’? We do, that is why we promise to make your experience with White Metal a refreshing & invigorating one.

Our products are not just part numbers!
They are quality solutions designed by caring technicians with on-site experience and technical knowledge. Therefore our customer support team is always willing to discuss your individual project, with the aim to provide a solution to your problem.

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